& Interpretation




Preparation for TOEIC & TEFL Certifications



Portuguese to English & English to Portuguese

“ We ensure your communication delivers the right impact”

Translations of contracts, corporate publications, business documentation, annual reports, government documentation, legal documentation, novels, technical or scientific documents.

Sworn Translations of educational certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, wills, marriage certificate, contracts, patents, affidavits, forensic reports. 

We ensure maintenance of bespoke terminology database from source to target language for each client.



Portuguese to English & English to Portuguese

Professional Interpreting Services - Delivering Fluent Communications


“Simultaneous” or “Consecutive” interpretations at conferences, government meetings, private meetings, gatherings as well as interpretation of conference material, such as P.P. slides.

Confidentiality: We are aware that much of the work involves highly confidential information from start to finish; We do our utmost to ensure that your documents and business information are treated in the strictest confidence.



Teaching English and Portuguese Classes “IN COMPANY”

"The corporate world has no borders, and speaking multiple languages ​​is extremely important."

  • Classes can be designed to fit companies according to their needs

  • Classes work on your schedule

  • English Classes taught by Native Speaker with TEFL certification          

  • Portuguese Classes for expats - in company or at a preferred venue


  • International Language Course (General English Intensive Course)

  • Business English for Companies / Business Portuguese Classes for Companies

  • Financial English Course

  • English Course for Technology English for oil and gas

  • Technology English for Oil & Gas Course (Pre  Sea  Familiarisation Training)

  • Sustainable Use and Safari Guide Training

  • Training solutions in Customer Care for the Hospitality Business



Aimed at those new to the oil & gas industry, and non-technical personnel, the course covers each key phase of the exploration and production industry.

The course is designed to provide oil and gas professionals the opportunity to gain a technical and commercial understanding of the industry fundamentals. On attending this Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry training course you will learn:

  • The scientific origins of oil and gas

  • The commercial issues underpinning hydrocarbon exploration and development

  • The role of government and its agencies

  • Oil and gas terminology

  • The technological process of exploration

  • The technological process of drilling

  • The technological process of production

  • The challenges of decommissioning



Promotes the development of guides through the use of training programmes that conform to high standards of learner development.
Training can be held in Portuguese and English when requested. 
Local guides will receive a crash course in English during Safari Guide training. 



Hospitality training has applications well beyond traditional service-orientated businesses. Customer service is the essence of the hospitality industry. Training for hospitality equips employees with tools to successfully manage conflict and adopt a client-centered attitude.  



TOEIC (The Test of English for International Communication)
If you are looking for a higher position, many companies use the TOEIC to assess if a candidate is really ready for the job, their language recognised internationally, be prepared to enter an international career.

TEFL ( learn to become a teacher)