About our company:

Skills training for the employment of Mozambicans was the main objective for launching “Flags in Arms, Professional Training and Languages”.


One of the key factors is to assist Mozambicans who will  be expected to communicate in English for professional reasons, and to pro-actively assist and teach Portuguese to foreigners arriving in the country. "Flags in Arms" offers also “Translating & Interpreting” services for individuals and organisations.   

Finally, with so many potential jobs to be claimed by the Mozambicans, there is an enormous need to develop customer care training in the hospitality market, guaranteeing employment in this sector as well as developing skills for Safari Guides to communities who live within game parks and natural reserves in the country.


Last but not least, the ‘Oil and Gas’ boom to be, will require well trained professionals to board the installations, so training technical English for industry as well as for the offshore market will also be in high demand for this emerging market in Mozambique.

K. Mac Gregor

Why Flags in Arms >

Alexandra K. Mac Gregor, owner and founder of “Flags in Arms, Professional Training and Languages”.



I received my Diploma in Marketing & Propaganda in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil whilst working for an international recruiting company based in Silicon Valley, US.


I then proceeded to move into the field of training during the Oil & Gas boom of 2007/2008. My qualifications acquired ranged from the days I worked for Falck Nutec in Brasil in namely “Basic Offshore Safety Induction Training” in both Portuguese and English crew members on Brazilian waters to board Rigs and Vessels.


Simultaneously I was recruiting and training new crew members to board a "Flotel” and I was certified under the Danish flag with a Safety and Health diploma in § 16 course.

Other qualifications include “PPSC” – Certification as a Security Practitioner, a diploma in Social Environmental Responsibility (R.J,Brasil) , B.V- OHSAS 18001-2007 and Auditor lead Auditor Course in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 


In 2013, I qualified in Grahamstown, South Africa as a Sworn Translator (English – Portuguese) and in 2018, I was certified in PPSR & PST ( Personal Safety and Social Responsibility training) & ( Personal Survival Techniques).  As well as Training in various fields, I also have  been teaching languages most of my professional life and was awarded my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign language) and currently teach English to Russian and Chinese students, and Portuguese to foreigners.